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This training is specifically dedicated to:  Sales management staff , retailers, agents as well as for all persons who are interested and willing to be in entering the sales sector.It is very important for all companies which deal with sales, production and distribution. Training will be held from sales expert Denis Gafuri with an experience and study  of sales for over twenty five years in sales and doing business successfully with local and international companies.

During the training variety of workshops will be organized .

After participating in this training, participants will be able to organize professional sales with a new approach, to understand the requirements of their customers and with new approach in communication towards customers. You as business owner or director will have justification to seek further commitment from your sales staff and the results will evident.


SUBJECT: Training of sales management and sales force by motivation and raise of  Brand awareness amongst employees.The purpose of this training is to have positive mental attitude, to get new skills on sales, to upgrade the knowledge  by motivation, to understand sales as added value and also to make plans, to put goals, time management, communication and building relationship with clients.

It is expected for participators to take notes and be proactive and each participant will be provided with additional materials – booklet that will guide them further towards better results in sales.

Training Topics: