Handshaking with enters into the body communication, which tells a lot about us and our character during the meeting with the interlocutor, therefore we should give a special attention and learn it good.

It is believed that shaking hands has a deep origins back to thousands of years when people before the meeting approached with an opening of arms and extending their hand proving that they come in peace and are not armed. In the depiction below you have anevidence of the handshake of two soldiers in the V century BC.

In some cultures, such as in the Far East, usually to Buddhists handshaking is not at all preferred and replaced with two palms touching and fingers pointing up which is called “Namaste gesture” followed by a slight head bending with a slight smile. Even in this case before the meeting it is seen that hands are empty, armless, coming in peace. It is believed that avoiding the handshake at East is done for hygienic reasons, which is logical.

The ritual of shaking hands in which two people greet one another is commonly done before meetings, during congratulatory compliments, the agreement was reached during a sports competition activities, etc. The aim is to build trust, respect and equality.

Usually agreements are formalized and felicitated by handshaking, in some cases accompanied by a smile and kiss on the cheek. In some cultures, shaking hands between men and women is avoided, as is the case with some states of Islamic faith in the Middle East and Arabia.

I want you to imagine yourself in a situation when you first met someone and you shook hands, what initial impression you have gained for the person in question.

Shaking hands involves the touch and there are times when people, except when it is necessary because of the transfer of germs during the handshake, give only a greeting by raising hand.

An appropriate Handshaking opens up many doors that cannot be opened in other ways.


It is preferable to use the handshake with a straight clamp as in the side figure, be straight relatively tight, stable, with clamp or thumb covering by two parties. This means that we are on equal terms, I want to know each other and can have trust on me. You must check before you meet someone whether your hands are clean, not cold or sweaty, because they may cause irritation to the interlocutors and give a bad image to you.

On the other hand, there are some handshakes on which we must pay attention, such as “limp fish” handshaking, which is usually a weak shaking of hands, where one party gives only the tip of the palm (only part of the fingers), which signals that the person in question has no self-confidence, feels uncomfortable, shakes hands because he needs it anyway. Whether he thinks so, or not, it’s the impression it gives, it can happen to anyone. I prefer when that happens, to repeat the handshake with a firm and stable grip as correction of the mistake.

The third handshaking is the aggressive tightening of the hands, surely we all know this. It is a handshake called the crashing bones handshake that is accompanied by hand pain. It is an aggressive behavior that demonstrates excessive force and this kind of handshake is not preferred. This is often used by males, but also females, usually in cases of rivalry. I had a neighbor who used to shake hands very strongly as to both men and women. Such people are not welcome in society.

The fourth handshaking is the person with whom shake hands when offering hand turns your hand underneath his hand that means he wants to dominate you. I would not suggest this type of handshake because it humiliates the person.

If a person shakes his hand and rolls his hand to the end of your hand it means he accepts your superiority over him.

The politician’s handshake is called when you double handed handshake with two hands. Such handshake is also called imam preachers and priests’ handshake. This method is not preferred in business meetings.

As a conclusion we can say that business handshaking it basically has to be as mentioned earlier in the upright position, be firm to some extent the stability that has a meaning, showing you can trust me, I want to work with you, is a sincere way to build trust. This is followed by a sincere smile and straight look in the eye.