The trend of online sales is developing with a tremendous dynamic and is becoming increasingly attractive every day for our country. Everyone talks about the experience of buying different products online. In other words, it has become part of the lifestyle.

To prove this, I’ve selected some online shopping statistics in the United States (US), considering that the development trends in this country are reflected and affect the entire globe:

  • 51 percent of Americans prefer online shopping;
  • 67 percent of them are of average age 35-55;
  • 56 percent of middle-aged people prefer to buy online rather than physically;
  • Average age (30-55 years) spend six hours a week by buying online.
  • Those over 60 are spending four hours a week buying online.
  • While, the new age spent 2.5 hours a week buying online;
  • Parents spend on online purchases at more than those who are not parents;
  • Nearly half of online purchasers (49 percent) stated that they could not live without purchases of this type;


To build an online shop, it has never been easier than it is now. This is the way and manner to go through in order to build such a store:

  • Decide what you will sell;
  • Select shopping card;
  • Select the server in the cloud-cloud;
  • Select a platform;
  • Purchase a “Theme” with design for the industry you will be working on and with few adaptations you personalize to look unique;
  • Start building your own shop – insert products;
  • Make an online payment connection with any of the present banks;
  • Make agreements with mail for fast shipment of goods;
  • Advertise your shop – focus on online media and social networks;
  • Maintain your website;


Although it is easy to build an online store, maintaining and building an online business is a tough task – even for the most renowned ecommerce experts.

Online retailers are struggling to capitalize their sales channels. The secret of success is not just to place products, but to anticipate how the sale is taking place. The most successful stores attach importance to their commitment to strategy, to target buyers – both online and offline.

The number of customers will increase along with their demands. Not only what they want to buy is important, but also their shopping experience and satisfaction while looking for products. Also, there are important expectations about the service in respect to the client who should be given all the time – before, during and after the order.

If we want to build an online brand, in the e-commerce world, we need to follow the global trends and consider their implementation and adaption to the local market in the best possible and fastest way possible.

Attention should be given in the content that keeps the customer engaged and connected to the online store. It’s not enough to have an interesting visual view of the web site and interesting products. In today’s market, brands should be distinguished through its content.

The online store should introduce a new and unique – compelling content – to attract the customer’s attention. This helps to engage the customer in the online store and builds an emotional relationship with the brand – in the long run.

Effective audience targeting, which is ready to buy – whatever it is – requires data and statistics from your customers. Small and medium-sized firms have little space and resources are fewer. To develop high-level research and get industry-wide information on who buys what, where, then the age, gender, interests, when buying, etc. These are costly and time-consuming researches.

Data analyzes should be made, of the type why they are converted into sales and what designing channels should we use to optimize ROI (return on investment).


Purchases of mobile devices have exceeded purchases of those called “Desktop”, so special attention needs to be paid to the development of a dedicated platform for consumers steming from smart phones. Earlier was the  adapted the desktop version  for the mobile version, and now it has to be specially dedicated to mobile version to make shopping experience is easier, simple, attractive, and to preserve the customer engagement. Since, 90 percent of the time – according to statistics – people spend on mobile devices with browsing averages up to 150 times a day on various websites. With this commitment to smart devices, you can imagine what you can do in e-commerce by targeting mobile device users.

When it comes to marketing, it should be focused more on online channels, online portals, and social networks – due to customer targeting by gender, age, interests, habits, etc.

Sooner or later it is inevitable that most of the stores will be present with their onine products and services, by opening their shops or by attaching any large framing platforms to their store.

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