The following material will help you develop your personal skills.

Imagine an entrepreneur, doctor, architect, lawyer, IT and other professionals after having completed their university education, handicrafts, or experience acquired ad hoc to no longer be interested for their professional advancement and exercise their duties based only on the knowledge, which they received during this period, what would happen?

How many new approaches from entrepreneurial strategies around the world take place, how many new methods and medication of medical treatment are discovered, how many new construction methods and materials are discovered, how many new technological discoveries take place, etc., etc. All these happen every second and are published in the books, internet, magazines, and so on. All of these are used massively to advance humanity.

The Index of ability and willingness to learn is a unit measure of your willingness to do two things:

1. To acquire new information from other people (compared to those people who only learn from their experience).

2. Willingness to accept and implement changes as a concept of thinking and application of new knowledge in everyday life, which is for every respect (compared to those who stubbornly resist to change).

Some say: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I can’t change; I’m just who I am! These sayings are expressed as they were virtues.

If we are working, no matter what kind of work we do then we must constantly adapt and change. Why? Because the environment around us is constantly changing and we have to adapt to the changes. In addition, the aim of our brain is to gain knowledge.

As human beings we have specialized intelligence. Our brain is made up of more than 250 billion neurons, each of which is related to about 2,000 other neurons: this fact makes the potential number of links between your neurons almost infinite.

We possess the ability to learn everything we need to learn, having the adequate training, sufficient time and a high degree of motivation. Everyone has the ability to improve the situation and their current status.

A little progress is always possible, but only if we have an indication of the will, ability and high readiness to learn. To what extent are we willing to absorb new information from other people, compared to learning only from our experience?

Some people in nature refuse to learn from others. This usually happens because of their successes and instead they only act on their own experience and intuition. If they have a high index of learning and acting, they will be better prepared for the new challenges, for local and global trends.

In this case, the persons in question will have multiple better results than the actual one, this applies to everyone regardless of the position and success that they currently have.

Do you know any person who knows everything? Do you know any person who is so proud that he does not want to learn from others? If so, this individual has a low index of ability and readiness to learn. How gloomy!

Method of those who learn from others is faster and richer! We need to accept and apply changes in the thinking and operating habits that for a long have been embedded in us.

Many people hate the idea of change, they say: Change is tedious, change is annoying, change is an unnecessary breach in my comfort zone! I do not like to change! Unfortunately, the world is in the wave of constant change such as: Change in government, technology change, fashion change, climate change, change of circumstances, change in humor, etc. Things of life are constantly changing and we need to adapt, evolve, grow, learn new ideas, concepts, methods and apply the changes.

The changes require us to put an end to the old ways of doing things.

The index of ability to learn and to act means that we have to accept the changes that are needed for us. And without real improvement, there is not enough progress. So, in conclusion, we need to apply the following tips for developing a high skill index and readiness to learn.

All you need you will find by reading your own field books, sources from the internet, attend courses, trainings, seminars, conferences for self-improvement.

If we read or hear audio every day, books one hour a day, we will read 5 hours a week, and book for a week. For a year we’ll to get to read 52 books, while for five years we will read 25 books of our profession and we will become experts in our field.

Let us not forget the well-known statement of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher: the more I read, I see how little I know, which means, wisdom is infinite.

For our country to develop high index of ability and willingness to learn and advance professionally is essential.