Mistery Shopping is a technique used in the marketing world to obtain objective information about your company (or your competitors) from a customer's perspective. Through this technique, you can discover the strengths and areas of improvement for your business. 

Benefits for your company from Mistery Shopping:

  • Market research. So get information about your company in relation to your competitors. It is also very helpful to understand which brands are offered when someone requests a product or service (for example, which brand of bottled water is served in a restaurant).
  • Analysis and evaluation of the company's customer service. The mysterious buyer's report should cover all aspects of the service provided, from the first contact with the brand to the customer leaving the store (in the case of physical businesses). Data about the initial greeting, how the employees act, how long the customer has to wait and the quality of the product has been collected.
  • Discover areas for improvement. Assuming the mysterious shopper is valuing a physical business, he or she can provide insights into how products are organized in the store, how clean it is, how the customer experience is, and more.
  • Evaluate employee training. Through mysterious customer visits, you can also ask questions to assess employees' knowledge of various products and services.