Denis Gafuri

How did it all start?

        Denis Gafuri is based in effective management, entrepreneurship and success in business. He is an author in many writings in the business field, and a trainer for sales and motivation.
        Denis is a motivational speaker with a multi-year experience in sales and successful marketing. His discussions and trainings regarding leadership, sales, self-coinfidence, strategy, sales and success psychology, prove to make a difference and come with long-term results. Currently is a director in SMARD SHPK, a company in which he is also a co-founder.
        His career has started since 1991 where he was a co-founder and director in N.T. AUTODEKOR, a company which still proves to be successful also in today's market.         Since 2010 he is a member of CEED Global, by being part and certified by many trainers who are known worldwide, regarding sales and marketing. Part of the panels for the assesment of student business plans, in different universities in Kosovo-a project of the European Commission "Kosvet EU".
        He was a commercial director in QAK(Center for Homologation of Vehicles). He also was an ex-manager in Dukagjini Shop, where he managed four shops and sales of fiscal cashiers through fiscalization process in regions of Peja , Deçan, Klina and Istog.

Where are we now?

        Since the end of 2011 he is a co-founder and a director of SMARD SHPK - a company which works with sales of office material with a catalog and online sales of different products. In addition, Denis has reached a partnership with "Euro Aliance Consulting", a Slovenian company, where together they provide services of Mistery Shopping and Focus Groups. These services have resulted to be successful in big corporations where they have been implemented.
        Since 2015 he is an active partner of the Kosovar - Slovenian business clubs. Furthermore, in 2015 he started the partnership of SMARD SHPK with HP Partner Licence and partnership with the Slovenian company ASK B.I. of the Business Intelligence Software.
        He was working in building the company ,,Dukagjini Office,, by creating it from the foundation to the roof. He speaks 4 languages fluently and from time to time has lectured a wide albanian and foreign audience, and different domestic companies.
        The writings of Denis called "Mastery of Sales" which are very useful for every individual can be found in and in business portals in Albania like and After a high level of interest for his writings and topics, he has lately launched his website where all the writings, trainings and services offered in cooperation with partners (D.G. & PARTNERS) can be found.
        Denis is married and has 2 children. He currently lives in Peja and works in Prishtina.

What do we offer?

Increase of Sales
Excellent Performance
Improved Communication
Business Improvement

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